Monday, February 8, 2010

a little giveaway!

UPDATE::Contest is now over, sorry! Congrats to our 2 winners {see post above!}

The other night I stayed up late and made Valentine's. LOTS of Valentines. I went a little crazy. TONS of Valentine's; tons, I tell you! Way more Valentine's than I have friends {and loves} to send them to! So, you can partake in my abundance of Valentine's if you wish :: leave a comment on this post for a chance to win a set of my Valentine's. Just tell me an extra-fun fact about yourself {and if I know you, try to make it something that I don't already know, ok?} Since Valentine's Day is coming up pretty quick here, I'll pick a winner {or 2} sometime tomorrow. Ready? Set? Go! Enter away!

Just a sampling of my fun night of card-making:


  1. love them. You're so good at card making!
    Fun fact:
    I'm obsessed with organizing. I recently went thru our closets and re organized, everything feels so nice and clean. Plus I got rid of clothing I've been holding onto for more years than I can count.

  2. Can I comment here and on your other blog? Or is that cheating? Hmm...

    Sometimes Ainsley and I watch cooking shows while we eat. She cheers as they slice and saute; I dream up new meals to try out.

  3. So cute Shana!!

    Did you know that Susie, Liza and I all have the same middle name?

  4. margaret::you are more than welcome to come organize at my house ANY TIME you want!
    amanda::that's not cheating. you're safe. i do NOT watch cooking shows, nor do i saute.
    rachel::i didn't know you all had the same middle name. did you know that i don't have a middle name? just an initial!

  5. This is my fun fact: Just before I caught up on my reading on Google Reader (which includes your blog)I said to myself, "how I wish I had some home-made Valentine cards ready to give away!" I always make cards but this year I won't have time as I we will welcome Klara Grace into our family tomorrow and then spend Wednesday at Abbott Hospital with Tim for follow-up appointments. How I would love to WIN or BUY some of yours!

  6. Okay. I brush my teeth in the shower. I don't know if it is extra-fun, but it is a fact!

    urchiken at gmail dot com

  7. Your cards are soo stinkin' cuuute!! Fun fact: I just moved 1200 miles from my home of 20 plus years selling most of my belongings for a new life in Alexandria, VA. We are currently snowed in and it doesn't look like we are getting out any time soon. lol