Tuesday, December 29, 2009


It all started when my friend Rachel asked me to make her a "give thanks" banner like one she had seen online. So, I did::

It turned out so cute, I made one for myself too.

Then my mom wanted a "Merry Christmas" one. So I made that. Then, that one turned out so cute that I made this one for myself::
Everyone {well, the women anyway} at our Christmas Open house loved them and wanted one too, so I figured they'd made pretty good Christmas gifts, so I made a few more.

Then people saw those and it just kept growing! Rachel, decided she needed one for New Year's as well, so I made her this one::

Then my friend, Jenny, is in town from California for the holidays and hinted strongly at how cute a "Home Sweet Home" one would be . . . so I made her this one::

Now, I'm helping my mom make a "Celebrate" one for a friend of hers {great for just about any occasion, wouldn't ya say?} then I might take a little break . . . or maybe not.

What would your banner say?

{Banner prices are based on length of sentiment, but are roughly $15 each.}

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I've been busy!

I've been crazy lately crankin' out orders for Christmas gifts right and left::
Personalized, commissioned stuff.
Hopefully everyone will be happy with their finished products!
Sets of magnets {18 to be precise}::
A Christmas banner {this one was actually for me!}::
and I LOVE it:
so I made 4 others that weren't for me.
A few little fun "match book" notepads::

On top of all that {literally, since it's taking place upstairs} we're in the middle of doing this::
Actually, I'm not having to much to do with it. It's my parent's Christmas gift to our girls to give their room a little makeover, so they are doing the work!
Now I've got to get my crack in gear and start working on my list of projects that I need to make for my Christmas gifts . . . I'll need them before I know it, next week is coming fast!