Friday, February 25, 2011


A few Valentine/Winter things that I've been busy putting together::

A glass bottle etched with "you warm my heart" filled with hot cococa and marshmallow and tied with a little yarn pom pom "scarf". Great for Valentine's Day or any winter day that could use a little warmth!::

Got little stubby crayons in abundance? I did, so the kids and I took the paper off all our broken crayons {which takes WAY longer than you would expect or hope}, sorted them by color, broke them in to smaller pieces, made cool color combinations and stuck them in a heart-shaped muffin pan in the oven to melt. After they cooled and we popped them out, my 2-year-old gave them to her little friends along with a Valentine. These chunky crayons are extra great for little hands that are just learning to color::
I had a crazy, long, fun card making night last week and stayed up way too late replenishing my stock of cards {it was getting dangerously low, since I really like to send lots of cards!} after all was said and done, I'm sure I made over 50 cards. They probably won't last too long, but it's good to feel fully stocked again, even if it's short-lived!

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