Wednesday, June 9, 2010

end-of-year teacher gifts

i just finished putting together the end-of-the year gifts for our children's teachers for another year. the time sure flies by . . .

i usually like to make something unique, useful and personal for those people who invest so much in the lives of our precious kiddos and this year i came up with this::
handmade soaps from the local blue heron soap company which i picked up at the farmer's market {i love the farmers market!} and some handmade laundry soap in fun {upcycled} etched glass containers that read either "clean" or "wash" that i've been working on all week. {i etched the containers and made the laundry powder myself}. i attached cute little tags to each gift that say "have some good, clean fun this summer". {i was pretty proud of myself for coming up with that one. creativity with words is not usually my strong suit.}

i love gifts that are useful and consumable. and, for me, if it's unique and handmade that is even better! most of us don't need one more "thing" in our homes to clutter things up. right? i'm quite confident that each of the recipients who will be getting these tomorrow both bathes and does laundry, so hopefully they will find it useful . . . and all the more in the summer when so much time is spent outside. especially if you are a teacher and have the summer off!

so, that's what i've been working on . . . along with some shower invitations and a big order of wedding invitations that i hope to finish over the weekend and a baby gift and another wedding gift that i helped my mom to make . . . there's so much creating to be done! i love it!


  1. SO COOL SHANA! As I was reading I was trying to think of people that I would order these awesome things for! Totally impressed!

  2. Your photos are Amazing. Great presentation. i could use some lessons on staging.

    What a super fun idea. I love handmade and useful things!

  3. Jami at The blackberry vine would love for you to post this 1st week of Oct for her pretty pkgs party! if you check out my blog you'll see her button.