Thursday, May 13, 2010

Baby Blocks

We have friends who just had their first little bundle . . . a boy! When I was thinking about a baby gift I wanted to make for him {ok, really it was for his parents. He couldn't care less!} I was thinking about something personalized and bouncing some ideas around in my head when I realized that his first and last name both had 5 letters. Thanks guys, that worked out so well for this project. His little set of letter blocks spells his first name on one side and his last name on the back. The other 4 sides are just fun, cute, boy-ish papers. I love the way they turned out and wanted to add one more little personalized item to the gift, so I etched his name in a bottle and added some change . . . you know, to start on his college savings and all! A personalized, recycled piggy bank of sorts.


  1. Those turned out awesome. What I wonderful gift, and I LOVE the change in a jar idea. You're so creative.

  2. Cute! What did you use for the actual block shape? Wood? And how did you make sure the paper won't peel off?

  3. the blocks are 2 inch wooden blocks (i got them from oriental trading) and i mod podge-d the paper on the outside, so it is sealed and won't come off
    glad you all like them. thanks!